Aloha! Welcome to the Garden Island of Kauai, and to the Kauai Gallery of Wood and Fiber. We feature the works of two of Kauai's premiere multi-media artists: the handmade-paper imagery of Nancy Dawson , and the turned wood & photography of Wayne Jacintho . Our gallery has three rooms. To enter each room, please click on any photo or scroll to the bottom of the page.

  Plant to Paper tm is Nancy Dawson's term for an ancient Japanese papermaking technique whereby differently-colored fibers are selectively applied to and manipulated upon a screen. Thus an image is built up in layers, and when the dried fiber is peeled off the screen, the result is a picture which is the paper!

  Wayne Jacintho was born on Kauai, and his photos reflect an upbringing in a land of everchanging color and mood. Wayne works in color and B&W, in 35mm and digital formats. See Kauai through the eyes of a native in love with his native land.


    Wayne works exclusively in the native and introduced woods of Kauai such as koa, milo, kiawe and silk oak. Whether a bowl, vase, lamp,jewelery box, or something as fanciful as the wormy mango platter or brown ivorywood ball at left, each piece is pure in form and flawless in finish.

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