The Kaua`i Gallery of Wood & Fiber

Koa Platter 01

This platter is made from a stunning piece of Kauai Koa. From a tree felled by Hurricane Iwa in 1982 and milled in 1983. In early 1999 I began turning this platter. It is one of the most exceptional examples of “tiger stripe” Koa grain I have ever seen. This platter is finished with a Level-4 traditional “hand rubbed oil finish” whereby finishing oil is sanded into the previous layer with ever-finer grits of sand paper, stopping at 2000-grit, and rubbing out with rottenstone. Notice the wormholes in the white sapwood, which were filled. Turning to remove the holes would have reduded its size by at least 5 inches and destroyed much of this priceless grain.

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